4th of July Weekend


The plan was to head out to the Liberty Bell after work. But how often do plans go accordingly? Honestly, I can’t remember much about Fourth of July weekend. Sorry.

But I do remember the following:

  • Watching some of the World Cup
  • Setting up tables and chairs to play True American (funnest game ever)
  • Trying to explain what True American is
  • Realizing I don’t even know what True American truly is
  • Searching for the rules on how to play True American
  • Realizing True American wasn’t going to be played
  • Crying for twenty minutes alone in my room  Moving on with the day after a failed True American attempt
  • Going to the Wawa Welcome America concert
  • Eating chicken tacos
  • Leaving the concert once we found out no booze was being served
  • Proving I can do handstands
  • Finding a nearby bar and enjoying freedom
  • Walking across town to a piano bar
  • Trying to request any Ja Rule song I could remember
  • Being sad when no Ja Rule song was played 😦
  • Two-stepping to a country song
  • Being confused when a woman tried to “grind” on me
  • Totally forgetting to go watch fireworks

Happy Fourth of July.

But the next day I do remember much more vividly. I drove up north an hour to Dublin, Pennsylvania to visit my grandfather, aka Grampy. Due to living 1,300 plus miles away from each other, growing up we never got to visit each other as much as we would have liked. But now I’m out here and the wild grandfather and grandson hangouts can begin. Additionally, I got to meet my step-grandmother for the first time since I was just an adoptable Asian baby.

For those wondering, she was/is exceptionally sweet and kind. No awkwardness was shared between us, only love.

We ended up going to a family cookout, where I got to meet my cousins from my step-grandmother’s side. Now there was a bit of awkwardness here. But granted they are grown adults and I’m a child with some adult characteristics and we were meeting for the first time, so it was bound to be weird no matter what.

The food was delicious and the conversations meaningful. My grandparents were only a couple of weeks away from celebrating their 25th (I believe) wedding anniversary. Love and romance was in the air, and much like anytime spent with grandparents, so was wisdom. Grampy shared some relationship advice with me that I found to be very interesting.

“Your job is to make the next day even better for her than the one before.”

Thanks Grampy.