Stand-Up Comedian & Writer


Joshua Lay is a stand-up comedian and writer. He is an Oklahoma native, New Jersey transplant that entertains audiences with his introspective humor and musings on life. He performed in the Jersey City Comedy Festival and the NY Comedy Mob Festival. You can see him perform regularly in the tri-state area.


  • Archive Diggin

    Consecutive rainy days here in Jersey have me going through the archives. Enjoy.


  • Summer 2023 – Contax T2

    One late summer night/early morning, I drunkenly ordered a Contaxt T2 on eBay. The next morning my hangover pain was compounded by the sudden loss of a $1000 and a less than pleased wife. Despite the reckless spending, I’m content and excited with how the first few rolls came out.


  • Destroy Yourself for

    Before social media became an addictive digital wasteland lurking in our pockets, one would have to get their social dopamine by computer. Tweens during this pre-smartphone era had their ADHD satiated by MySpace and Xanga. But if you were a part of the skateboarding subculture during 2005 – 2006, you may have spent your adolescent…


  • How to Survive the TikTok Ban

    The impending ban of TikTok getting you down? Worried about how to broadcast all of your content to your devoted followers? Worried about losing money? Worry no more. The ban of TikTok only means it is time to get even more creative to satiate your followers lust for daily mediocre videos that are branded as…