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First Week in Philadelphia


After spending a weekend in Camden, we were relocated to Temple University. Our home for the next month. It’s funny. After I graduated college I assumed I would be done living in dorms. However, since I graduated in May I found myself staying in three different dorms within the past two months. Apartment life will be spectacular.

*Side Note: My roommate at Temple was a recent Harvard grad. At first I had no clue what to talk him about besides Conan O’Brien and The Harvard Lampoon. I wasn’t quite sure how he would react to dick and fart jokes. But after a few days, I quickly find out Harvard grads were also fans of dick and fart jokes. Who knew?

If given the choice, I would not pass up the opportunity to stay at Temple again. Temple’s the home of many classic skate spots. Spots I’ve seen repeatedly in skate videos and magazines growing up. Being within skating distance of each one was one hell of a perk. Here are some of the many spots Temple has to offer.

A block down the street lies the famous Philly 3 block and the looooooong hubba Chris Cole front-boarded in Dying to Live. All located at an abandoned high school.

I failed to snap a photo of the other spot located at the school. It’s where Ishod does his opening line in his Sabotage 3 Remix part.  Unfortunately the handrail is no longer there.

I spent the first Friday with some friends I made in TFA (two who are going to be my roommates). We checked out Exit Skate Shop and the art show they were putting on. One of the workers was kind enough to give me a copy of their shop video Spot On for free. Thank you nameless shop employee.

The rest of the night was spent at a couple of different bars and exploring various parts of South Street. The next morning consisted of apartment hunting back in NJ. We checked out five different apartments with no luck. Apartment hunting in the city is no joke. Especially for a reasonably priced three bedroom, where the bedrooms are equal in size. But we did manage to dine at a delicious Mexican Restaurant with some of the best fish and chicken tacos I’ve ever eaten. Fun and delicious times.

P.S. Don’t eat at Tasty Chicken. You’re better off eating the ten-dollar bill you’d end up spending on the stomach-churning chicken. Save your money. Or eat it instead.

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