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Coney Island – Summer 2014

The frigid and wet East Coast weather of late has been getting me down lately. I’m starting to believe somebody put a hex on my life causing any day I have off from work to be filled with dreary clouds and heavy rain. So if the sadistic spell conjurer could do me a favor and just relieve my life of the consistent rain, my skateboard and I would be very happy.

But back to Coney Island. During the summer I met up with my friend Joanna and her posse at Coney Island. I’ve always been eager to visit Coney Island for practically one reason. The Warriors

East Coast locals mentioned to me how Coney Island used to be a dangerous and scum filled beach, but now during the summer you’ll find it occupied with families and tourists as opposed to misfits and homeless people.

Spending my entire life in Oklahoma has always made beaches highly interesting and fun to me. Thankfully the weather was great and I was able to see glimpses of the beauty Coney Island possess and why it attracts both tourists and New York natives.

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