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The Great White North – 35MM

My current spring break is coming to an end. No major trips this year. Here’s some film photos from last year’s Canada trip.

Street Niagara Falls, CATop Niagara Falls, CAWaterfall Niagara Falls, CASide Water Top Niagara Falls, CANiagara Falls Boat Olympus-41880017Niagara Falls 35mmAmerican Side Niagara Falls 35mmBoat Close Niagara FallsAbigail Hair Toronto, CA 35mmToronto Skyline CA 35mmSkyline Toronto, CA 35mmWindows Toronto, CA 35mmWorkshop Toronto, CA 35mmAbigail Bike - Toronto, CA 35mmAbigail Bike 2 Toronto, CA 35mmAbigail Portrait Toronto, CA 35mmAbigail Beer Toronto, CA 35mmAbigail Beer 2 Toronto, CA 35mmAbigail Bar Toronto, CA 35mmCafe - Toronto, CA 35mmMan & Dog Toronto 35mmHouse & Roller Toronto, CA 35mmSports Stadium Toronto, CA 35mmSpace Needle Toronto CA 35mmStreets - Toronto CA 35mmStaples - Toronto, CA 35mmWaterfron 2 Kingston, CA 35mmThe Big O 3 Montreal 35mmThe Big O Montreal 35mmOlympic Stadium Montreal 35mmFlag Reflection Montreal 35mmOld Downtown Montreal CA 35mmBar Sign Montreal, CA 35mmAbigail Camera Montreal, CA 35mmAbigail Rain Jacket Montreal CA 35mmAbigail Bus Stop Montreal CA 35mmBent Sign Montreal CA 35mmAbigail Stairs Montreal CA 35mmCollege Campus 2 Montreal CA 35mmChinatown Montreal CA 35mmCollege Campus Montreal CA 35mmSpace Heater Montreal CA 35mmOld Downtwon Montreal, CA 35mmStairs Montreal CA 35mmStairwell 2 Montreal 35mmStairwell Montreal 35mmAbigail Night 2 Montreal CA 35mm


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