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Summer in Europe: France & Austria

35mm photos from a week spent in Europe.

Strasbourg, France

Marketplace - Strasbourg, France

Kléber Square - Strasbourg, France

Bubbles - Strasbourg, France

Park - Strasbourg, France

Dining - Strasbourg, France

Merry Go Round - Strasbourg, France

Notre Dame Catherdral - Strasbourg, France

Bathroom pit-stop in the countryside of Austria

Swiss Alps - Austria

Landeck, Austria

Downtown - Landeck, Austria

Innsbruck, Austria

Downtown - Innsbruck, Austria

Shopping - Innsbruck, Austria

Blue Hair - Innsbruck, Austria

Christmas Market -Innsbruck, Austria

Christmas Market Roof -Innsbruck, Austria

Salzburg, Austria

Shopping Alleyway - Salzburg, Austria

Moped - Salzburg, Austria

Staircase - Salzburg, Austria

Stiftskirche Sankt Peter Salzburg - Salzburg, Austria

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