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Skateboarding in NYC

With a few exceptions, anytime I traveled outside of Oklahoma it was strictly for skateboarding purposes. My friends and I would load up a car, sometimes two, and spend a week skating whatever the foreign city had to offer and wind down each night drinking cheap beer in a cheap motel room.

These trips and skateboarding have drastically impacted the way I view any city and whether or not I can realistically view myself living in the area. If there’s no skate scene or skate spots, I’m out. As most of you probably know, the East Coast, thankfully, has a strong skate scene, especially in NYC.

The past few months I’ve spent skating around NYC have been a blast. Anytime I watched an East Coast skate video I’ve yearned for the feeling of skating through crowded streets, weaving in and out of cars. And it’s as fun as it looks, if not better. I’ve yet to muster up the courage to skitch on a random passing car, but in due time. Being able to skate from spot to spot or simply taking the subway is not something to take for granted either. Gone are the days of driving across Tulsa, sitting in traffic, or deciding whose turn it is to drive.

I even managed to make friends with another recent East Coast transplant named Avery. He originally hails from Florida and is currently going to school in NYC. For those interested in more info about him, here’s this: he’s a talented dart player and on team heelflip.

The following pictures are of the “famous” spots that have appeared in numerous skate videos and magazines. I try my best to show the spots from a “skater’s eye” in order to show an authentic photo how the spot is set-up.

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