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Holiday Leftovers

Ever since I saw the movie Elf in theaters with my older sister, a goal of mine has been to visit NYC during the holidays. Unlike my other dreams as a child, I actually turned this one into a reality. I may not have become the next best thing to happen to the WWF since the Rock, score a date with Jennifer Love Hewitt, or figure out the mystery Fruit Gusher flavor, but by golly I did experience a NYC Christmas.

My good friend and fellow teacher, Kait, braved the cold and joined me in exploring the holiday festivities. I even think she managed to catch some Christmas cheer (she isn’t the biggest Christmas fan, as evidenced in the photos).

In addition to experiencing the holidays in NYC, I also got to fly back to Oklahoma and spend Christmas with my family and loved ones. The trip back home was a much needed and appreciated break from the New Jersey and teacher lifestyle.

I’m already counting down the days until this year’s holiday season.

(322 days for those wondering)


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